b'Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry (NFHR) Board of Directors Resolution approving Signature Authority 2023The Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry (NFHR), a corporation registered in the state of Vermont, by the authority stated in the corporations Bylaws hereby authorizes the following named persons to conduct the financial and other corporate business of the Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry on its behalf, including but not limited to: opening or closing financial and bank accounts; signing checks or other drafts; and administering any records and property in the name of this corporation as authorized and limited by the Bylaws.The persons authorized by this resolution are: Jeanne Poirier, NFHR Registrar; Gretchen Payne, Treasurer; and Eric Watness, President of the Board. This resolution was adopted by an affirmative vote of the Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry Board of Directors on January 28, 2023 and reaffirmed in this form on February 15, 2023.______________________________ Eric Watness, President40 Fjord Herald Issue #147Summer 2023'