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Matching your aspirations forwe looked for top of the line mares and anselection of 2022 foals out of two quality your equine partner with a foal possessingextraordinary stallion. The pedigree of ouryoung stallions. We are most excited for those traits naturally is our priority. Comehorses shows that they descend in maleour up and coming Red Dun stallion DD to our Fjord Open House July 8, 2023, 10-4orfemalelinefromthemostimportantTjalvewithimpeccablebloodlines!Our to meet all of our Fjords and their foals inbloodlinesoftheModernFjordHorsedarling broodmares are ridden daily by our person!CherrieNoldenandAllenPhilo,(Spring issue Fjord Herald 2000). You willdaughters. They imprint foals from birth Dodgeville, Wisconsin, USA, 608.477.1981,find:Torbjorn1417,Gloppang894,Olaandexposethemtoalotuntiltheyare callortext,wonderfjords@yahoo.com,Gik 1703, Valebu 1569, Rei Halsnaes D462ready to be weaned! We occasionally offer Won Der Fjords on Facebook. NJ833, Grabb 1651, Dyre 1059, Safir 1717others. Please contact us for details. There ACCENT RANCHandJarmann1788.Tillnow30offspringare lots of nice bloodlines in our herd. Feel Twentyplusyearsofraisingqualityshow that there is the best of the best infree to contact us at (Ashley) 270-535-2669 Norwegian Fjords. Just 65 miles from theour horses. Three of Orkas sons earnedor on Facebook through our leather tack east entrance to Yellowstone Park. We ride,the Award of Excellence in Dressage (Thankbusiness Dreamfield Farm and Tack! drive and pack our horses in actual ranchyouWendyLuscombe)whileotherstooDUN IN FARM life. Experience the wonderful \'Fjord Ride\'excel in Dressage and Jumping. The stallionWeareasmallfarminthethumbof by taking beginner or intermediate ridingNjal166theFoundingFatheroftheMichigan. Breeding high quality, registered lessonsavailablehereatAccentRanch.modern Fjord Horse shows his Njal-MarkFjords.Fromtopofthelinemareswho Standing the Dutch bred stallion A2Z Thor-abrowndot-onthefacesofthemostareproducingallaroundathletichorses and the grey stallion Pines Zane of A2Z.ofourhorses.IngeBurr,2621Hwy.215, 26 Fjord Herald Issue #147Summer 2023'